Bushel & Peck Musikgarten Studio
1015 S Orlando Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 AND 4867 New Broad St. Orlando, FL 32814 


Summer 2022

Summer 2022 Pick 6!
We know summer can be a busy time, so you can pick and choose any 6 classes from the dates below to join us in either June and/or July. For this special Summer Session, you are more than welcome to attend the same day and time each of the 6-weeks or you can mix it up from any of the dates below. 

Classes are divided into 3 groupings:
  • Toddlers (16 months to 3 yrs) must be walking
  • Babies (newborn to 15 months)
  • Mixed (Newborns to Age 5)
Our 6-week session will be held at our Winter Park location 1015 S Orlando Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789

$125 for 6-week Session (New Families)
  • includes materials for our Nimble & Quick curriculum- digital download, cd, parent book, and bean bag (toddler) or shaker (baby)
$90 for 6-week session (Returning Families who already own Nimble & Quick materials)

I promise I'm working on new software which will allow for easier registration.  In the meanwhile, you'll have to
register for the very 1st class you plan to attend and be sure to type in the remaining 5 dates & times in the "comment" section of your registration form. 

Fri 6/10 10am Mixed Ages 3 Spots
Fri 6/10 11am Babies 6 Spots
Wed 6/15 10am Toddlers 
Wed 6/15 11am Babies FULL
Thurs 6/16 9:30am Toddlers 4 Spots
Fri 6/17 10am Mixed Ages 4 Spots
Fri 6/17 11am Babies 6 Spots
Wed 6/22 10am Toddlers FULL
Wed 6/22 11am Babies FULL
Thurs 6/23 9:30am Toddlers 4 Spots
Fri 6/24 10am Mixed Ages 2 Spots
Fri 6/24 11am Babies 6 Spots

Wed 6/29 10am Toddlers FULL
Wed 6/29 11am Babies FULL
Thurs 6/30 9:30am Toddlers 3 Spots
Wed 7/13 10am Toddlers 
Wed 7/13 11am Babies FULL
Thurs 7/14 9:30am Toddlers 4 Spots
Fri 7/15 10am Mixed Ages 4 Spots
Fri 7/15 11am Babies 6 Spots
Wed 7/20 10am Toddlers 
Wed 7/20 11am Babies FULL
Thurs 7/21 9:30am Toddlers 5 Spots
Fri 7/22 10am Mixed Ages 2 Spots
Fri 7/22 11am Babies 3 Spots
Wed 7/27 10am Toddlers 
Wed 7/27 11am Babies FULL
Thurs 7/28 9:30am Toddlers 5 Spots
Fri 7/29 10am Mixed Ages 1 Spot!
Fri 7/29 11am Babies 6 Spots

*Schedule subject to change