What Makes Musikgarten Unique

With so many options for activities to do with your little one, why should you choose Musikgarten?

Musikgarten is unique for many reasons!
  • We follow a 10-week Fall and Spring session and a 6 week Summer session, providing a sequential carefully executed curriculum. 
  • Families register for a full session allowing consistency, familiarity, and bonding with parent/caregiver and other families. For this reason, there are no drop-in classes other than Saturdays or if we are offering one of our special "Pop-Up" or Holiday classes.
  • Musikgarten classes are about so much more than just music and movement! Your kiddos will learn important social and developmental skills and have an opportunity to "practice" them each week.
  • Our class focus is music and movement building towards music literacy. Babies and Toddlers are hearing and learning patterns!
  • In a time when children have an excess of visual stimuli in their lives, you will see fewer visual materials used in our classes. 
  • We encourage listening to natural voices- our teachers do not use microphones to teach.
  • Our curriculum is rich in folksongs, nursery rhymes, and lullabies and uses age-specific curricula.
  • Musikgarten instruments are made of natural wood, have no varnish, and have an excellent sound quality. They are perfect for "mouthing" babies and toddlers.
  • Our teachers are highly trained in the Musikgarten pedagogy.
  • We encourage family music making at home and give you the tools (parent book, cd, instrument) to do so.
  • One of the key components to our MG philosophy is the power of music to calm. With this in mind, each class contains numerous opportunities for listening to sounds, music, and patterns. Don't fret, there is plenty of time and activities devoted to full body movement!